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Calzificio Schinelli is a family run company, born in 1960 and today on third generation.
An historical company based on research, innovation and industrial organisation, which produces and sells high-quality hosiery Made in Italy.

The strengths of the company are:
- Machinery technologically advanced
- High quality products
- Private label services

On an area of 8.000 mq, Calzificio Schinelli produces about 70.000 pairs every daily, thanks to technological machinery and skilled workers.
Knitting department has 204 elements, including machinery such as Matec, Lonati and Colosio.
Seam department has 17 elements, including Takatori, Deteoxmat and Solis machinery.
Finishing department has 9 elements Mac Cortese and Mac Takatori.

Calzificio Schinelli is a company based on Research and Development. This department is able to meet the needs of every customer, focusing on the high-quality, which is checked in every production stage, with an innovative design and a particular attention to environment, from the selection of raw materials, to certificated suppliers, to the whole manufacture process.

 Calzificio Schinelli offers collections for women, which include not only classic and basic lines, but also shaper, support, maternity and plus size items.
Besides, Calzificio Schinelli offers a wide product range for girls, basic or sport collection, and for men, from Mercerized cotton socks to ankle and shoe liners.
Calzificio Schinelli has two brands: the Belgian brand Cette for luxury products, and the innovative brand Calzitaly, a website which brings the high-quality Made in Italy worldwide through its e-commerce.

For further information about Calzificio Schinelli, download the company profile.


VAT NUMBER IT02064780204

Via Svezia, 14
Castel Goffredo



Phone Number: +39 0376 770354
Fax: +39 0376 771075

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